Triumph TR5 Special

KW Heritage were were approached by Racetorations, the highly respected and methodical restorer of classic cars in Lincolnshire, to manufacture a pair of Screen Pillars for a Triumph TR5 special, commissioned by a loyal American customer who wanted his car “to look as though it is doing 100mph whilst standing still”.


The Challenge

  • To work within a tight timeframe so that the project remained on target for a customer inspection.
  • To work from a hand manufactured prototype and an on-car mock up.
  • To manage the scanning, engineering, procurement and supply processes on behalf of the customer.

The Requirements

  • To supply a handed pair of Screen Pillars, ready to fit to the car.
  • To scan the sample and manipulate that data to produce fit for purpose, aesthetically pleasing and practical assemblies first time.
  • To CAD engineer the data and supply digital files.

The Approach

  • Scan the hand manufactured prototype.
  • Scan data was optimised and modelled in Solidworks CAD.
  • 3D Print a pair of samples prior to committing to machining metal.

The Results

  • The versatility and speed of 3D printing prototypes as a verification tool enabled tight and immovable timescales to be met.
  • These prototypes permitted related work to be begun and progressed.
  • A satisfied customer with a pair of bespoke items contributing to the style of the vehicle.


“A chance contact with Ed Smith at KW Heritage proved to be very fortuitous for us. Despite us changing the design a number of times and delaying the start of the project, KWH jumped on to the job immediately and within a few days had a CAD model ready for approval from our crude mock up. We were able to demonstrate the prototypes to our customer on the deadline thanks to the efforts of KWH meeting our target date and budget. There is little doubt that we will be asking KWH to assist us with future projects and we are glad of this opportunity to thank them for their efforts and assistance in a very successful build.”

Steve Turner, Director, Racestorations Ltd


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