Toleman TG185 scan

This original car, chassis 05, designed by Rory Byrne and driven in period by Teo Fabi at the 1985 European Grand Prix, otherwise used as the T-Car, is from that awesome F1 turbo era of brutal power, large wings, grippy tyres, minimal safety……and brave drivers.  Another car cared for by Heritage F1 and entrusted to KW Heritage (KWH) for full body scanning as a means of asset protection, or Digital Archiving, there being no tooling for the remanufacture of Body Panels or Wings.

KWH used trusted in-house scanning technology to capture surface information that would permit the remanufacture of components should the need arise.

The scanning process is quick, inexpensive and the proven way to protect your asset, and it can be carried out at a convenient location.


Matt Faulks, Heritage F1 Technical Director:  “It’s great to be working closely with KW Heritage. The team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, in particular with complete vehicle scans and the ability to restore or replace componentry and bodywork. It was for this reason that we entrusted them with the car.”

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