Sports Wind Tunnel

KWSP form one of the three parties of Performance Sports joint venture, Sports Aero Solutions. KWSP’s role to design, develop and deliver a wind tunnel specifically for sports applications.


The Challenge

  • For decades, aerodynamics have been used in elite sport to improve performance. However, with wind tunnels designed around the requirements of automotive, motorsport and aerospace, wind tunnel time has been prohibitively expensive.
  • SASL’s Advantage Wind Tunnel aims to significantly reduce the cost of wind tunnel time, making it accessible to the wider sporting world.

The Requirements

  • Cost: Reduction of cost was critical, both from initial capital expenditure of build and ongoing operating costs.
  • Space: With the wind tunnel focused on implementation within retail and consumer environments rather than large R&D factory facilities, the entire structure needed to be miniaturised.
  • Data: Fundamental to both the coaching applications and performance improvements of the tunnel, data needed to be seamlessly captured, analysed and stored.

The Approach

KWSP held responsibility for the entire design, development and build of the programme, including:

  • Internal structures and liaison with building contractors.
  • Mechanical design, controls and automation of the athlete ergo.
  • Design and manufacture of electrical cabinets and control systems.
  • Design of data capture, analysis and storage software and systems.

The Results

  • The first Advantage Windtunnel is currently in the build phase.


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