Re-Engineering of Combustion Chambers

KW Heritage were approached by SGS Racing Transmissions (SGS) to scan and engineer the combustion chamber forms on two Cylinder Heads, one from a 6 cylinder, two valve BMW, the other a 4 cylinder, four valve Mitsubishi.


The Challenge

  • To provide SGS with digital files that would enable them to program a CNC Mill.
  • To capture the forms of the combustion chambers and common datum features.

The Requirements

  • SGS want to either modify combustion chambers for performance reasons or rework them once they have been repaired.
  • Capture data from manually modified combustion chambers using 3D scanning – marrying traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology.
  • CAD engineer the data and supply digital files.

The Approach

  • Each sample chamber was scanned with Valves in place.
  • At the same time, common bolt holes were scanned so that a machinist had a means to set up the engineered data when machine programming.
  • Scan data of the manually modified surfaces was optimised in Solidworks CAD so that a smooth cutter path could be ensured.

The Results

  • The scan and model data will be stored on KWHE’s server with copies being given to SGS
  • Minimal investment in engineering time has allowed SGS to convert combustion chamber forms created using traditional skills into a digital form that will ensure repeatability and accuracy at each location on the Cylinder Head.


For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWHE website.