Professional speed skating

KWSP were approached by a professional speed skating team to conduct detailed simulation and performance analysis on the blades of their athletes


The Challenge

  • Speed skating is a sport where loads are high and contacts patches are small.
  • The client came to KWSP keen to explore opportunities to improve the performance of its blades.

The Requirements

  • Detailed simulation, analysis and understanding of blade deflection.
  • Identification of areas to improve blade control.

The Approach

  • KWSP used its 3D scanning technology to speed up the creation of a detailed CAD model of the skate blades.
  • The blades’ performance was then simulated through multiple scenarios, including blade stiffness and flexure.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to analyse the performance of the blade itself.

The Results

  • Simulation allowed for low-cost testing of a large number of user scenarios.
  • Recommendations of performance improvement areas were then made to the client for further investigation.
  • This significantly reduced the amount of resources required in comparison to physical testing.