Porsche Ducktail

KW Heritage (KWH) were tasked jointly by MCT Engineering (MCT) and RPM Technik with re-engineering a Porsche Ducktail style Engine Cover.  RPM Technik is a highly respected independent Porsche specialist with a constantly evolving package of performance enhancing products under their CSR brand.  MCT Engineering are firmly established as a premium supplier of composite components to motor vehicle and motorsport sectors.


The Challenge

  • To provide CAD data to enable MCT to CNC manufacture fresh Patterns, lay up composite Moulds and manufacture components in two configurations.
  • To ensure compatibility with a range of existing inner structures.
  • To enable RPM Technik to confidently be able to supply components and instructions for the owner to retro fit

The Approach

  • A site visit to RPM Technik to understand requirements and to scan an existing Ducktail and surrounding features.
  • Detailed discussions to understand styling and functional requirements of the customer and offer guidance and advice from an engineering and manufacturing perspective.
  • Liaison with MCT to ensure a design that was efficient to manufacture from tooling and component perspectives.

The Results

  • Engineered in Solidworks CAD from scanned surfaces with data suitable for tooling manufacture provided in .stp and .igs formats.
  • CAD draft angle analysis to ensure the minimum number of mould components.
  • Component trim lines provided.
  • Improvement in quality and repeatability of manufacture = ease and improvement of fit to a car.


For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWHE website.