Mk1 Ford Cortina

KW Heritage were tasked by Alan Henderson Racing (AHR) with remanufacturing the Steering Arm from a Mk 1 Ford Cortina.


The Challenge

  • To provide AHR with a short lead time supply of replacement items on an ongoing basis so that the many examples that are raced in the UK and throughout Europe are kept on the road.
  • To ensure that proprietary mating parts fitted as intended.
  • To locally simplify the component to make it suitable for machining from billet.

The Requirements

  • Capture data from a sample and re-engineer for manufacture.
  • Build in CAD model flexibility so that design changes can be swiftly implemented.
  • Acquire quotes for manufacture in a range of batch sizes.
  • Be prepared to manufacture and deliver future stocks.

The Approach

  • The sample was scanned and key features measured using a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • Scan and CMM data was used to model and detail the component in SolidWorks CAD
  • Prior to sign off for manufacture, the model was subjected to a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) procedure to check that the forces imparted were within the mechanical limits of the material.
  • On delivery, the items were scanned and inspected by laying the scan data over the CAD model.

The Results

  • The scan and model data will be stored on KWHE’s server ready for future requirements, with copies being given to AHR
  • Minimal investment in engineering time has allowed AHR to now be the sole supplier of this component and able to satisfy ongoing demand.


“We at AHR have been delighted to work with KW on this project, the first time we have worked together.  We are already using their services for our next project and look forward to an ongoing strengthening of our relationship.”

Alan Henderson, Alan Henderson Racing



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