Leyton House CG901

Another iconic F1 car, this time from 1990 and designed by Adrian Newey.  The car was notable for it’s compact packaging of both driver and componentry, the aerodynamics led design ethos……and a spectacular accident at the start of that year’s French GP.  KWH were asked to deploy their scanning and CAD skills to enable returning customer, MCT Engineering, to remanufacture replacement left hand Rear Wing End Plates (RWEP)

The challenge

  • Use a right hand RWEP as a pattern.
  • Reference mating components for confirmation of attachment details.
  • Consider contemporary methods of manufacture for such carbon-fibre components.

The approach

  • Scan a sample right hand RWEP, maintaining it’s authenticity.
  • Discuss the distortion and damage noticed on the sample with the customer.
  • Convert scan data to a CAD model using in-house Solidworks CAD

The results

  • Once modelled, CAD files of both hands were provided to MCT enable them to manufacture Moulds and components.
  • CAD data can be used to design and manufacture the Inserts required for hole positions.
  • Hole drilling jigs could be 3D Printed if required for manual drilling, or the data used for CNC programming.


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