Jabrock Eyewear

KWSP were approached by fashion company Jabrock Eyewear to lead the technical design and prototyping of their innovative eyewear products.


The Challenge

  • Develop the CAD model and technical drawings for Jabrock’s first line of sunglasses
  • Define design-for-manufacture
  • Manufacture and test functional prototypes

The Requirements

  • Balance of aesthetics and functionality
  • Fully functional prototype suitable for fit, look, feel and strength testing

The Approach

  • KWSP’s engineers firstly translated product concept designs in to accurate 3D models in CAD software.
  • Renders of the translated design could then be validated with Jabrock’s design team
  • Once validated, designs were 3D printed in high-grade ABS and used for product testing

The Results

  • A validated technical design
  • A tested functional prototype
  • A digital, re-usable CAD file able to form the basis of future designs and variations