Herbert Engineering 6 Sump remanufacture

“Guaranteed for 5 years” sounds good enough, even by today’s standards……….but the Sump from one particular model enjoyed a significantly longer life before needing to be retired after over 90 years, cracks and oil leaks necessitating a replacement to keep this rare and original British vehicle on the road.  Hightone Restorations in Oxfordshire store and maintain the car for its owner, and having explored and discounted repair options, they approached KW Heritage (KWH) for the remanufacture of the replacement item.

Such rarity and low volume are well catered for at KWH who employed the latest sand printing technology to manufacture the tooling for a replacement Sump.

The challenge

  • Faithfully replicate the original Sump.
  • Use contemporary engineering practices which were best suited to efficient low volume manufacture.
  • Project Manage the remanufacturing process from start to finish, delivering the customer a new item, ready to be fitted to the engine, keeping them informed of progress along the way.

The approach

  • Receive the original Sump and all mating parts so as to fully understand the assembly and to enable research of various features, eg thread specifications.
  • Suggest and discuss potential changes with the owner and Hightone Restorations.
  • 3D scan the original item using the portable Creaform Handyscan 700
  • Solidworks CAD engineer the scan data.
  • Project Manage manufacture from inception to delivery to the customer.

The results

A remanufactured Sump was produced, faithfully replicating the original in every detail, yet cast from a superior aluminium alloy and heat treatment process (improved Yield Strength, Tensile Strength and Ductility properties)

The accuracy of replication of the casting is shown by the KWH inspection process which overlays a scan of the remanufactured item with the CAD model and generates a colour chart report (dark blue is due to extra material cast as a machining allowance) which shows surface discrepancy in mm.