Ford Mustang CWP Housing

The motorsport tentacles of the Ford Motor Company spread far and wide, are synonymous with success and are linked to many of the big names and events in the sport.  KW Heritage were tasked with the remanufacture of replacement Crownwheel & Pinion Housings for the iconic Mustang muscle car, a favourite for those who prefer torque to talk!

The challenge

  • Understand the requirements of the customer, whilst suggesting improvements based on observations of the used sample submitted.
  • Provide a cost effective solution that best suited the low volume requirement – only 5 items were required, with minimal ongoing demand. The latest sand mould and core 3D Printing technology was employed.
  • To meet tight lead times imposed by the customer.

The approach

  • KWH scanned a sample Housing and Bearing Clamp and engineered the data using Solidworks CAD – all in-house.
  • We then managed manufacture, first providing the customer with a machined sample for trial assembly, before committing to machining the remainder of the batch.
  • In-house inspection of castings and machined items.

The results

  • 5 remanufactured castings awaiting the mill.
  • One of the finish machined kits, partially assembled, awaiting despatch.


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