Ferrari Nembo Spyder Light Housings

What do you do when you have one Light Housing of a handed pair and you’ve exhausted all means of searching for a replacement (and wasted  a lot of time) ?…….you contact KW Heritage because you know they can 3D Print you out of a hole! The Housing in question contains the circuitry and bulbs for the front side light / indicator and was originally made using an Injection Moulding process, but nowadays a low volume remanufacture is perfectly suited to our 3D Printing processes.


The Challenge

  • Understand the requirements of the customer and the timeframe within which to work.
  • Discuss improvements suggested by the customer and cost effective solutions.
  • Provide sub-assembled, remanufactured items.
  • Ensure the original Seal between Lens and Housing would be retained.


The Approach

  • Scan the left hand sample and the mating Lens and engineer that data in Solidworks CAD
  • Using in-house Stratasys Fortus machines, 3D Print a pair of replacement items in period colour.
  • Sub-assemble the new items by fitting Thread Inserts and proving the fit of the original Lens.


The Results

  • Quick scan time + efficient use of CAD + sub-assembly = a handed pair of printed replacement, ready to use items.
  • The original Housing remains unchanged and can be stored away for safe keeping.
  • Remanufacture of such items runs in parallel with car build, resulting in a delay-free process.
  • Printing a pair of trim templates would complement the process so that repaired bodywork could be trimmed accurately and symmetrically in order to provide a perfect fit for the new Housings.

For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWH website.