Equinox Projects

KWSP was approached by Equinox Projects to produce 1 metre tall dinosaur models for an amusement machine company.


The Challenge

  • The models were required within 10 days of the order. Due to time constraints, models had to be produced without any tooling directly from CAD data.
  • The build was also over the Christmas period.

The Requirements

  • End-to-end delivery was required in less than 10 days.
  • Models had to be an exact visual match to the CAD data.
  • Internal structure of the printed models needed to be optimised in order to minimise cost.

The Approach

  • The client’s CAD file was optimised for additive manufacture.
  • 3 of KWSP’s Fortus 400 machines were used simultaneously.
  • Models were printed in components and assembled and post-processed by KWSP’s assembly team.

The Results

  • All 62 pieces of the models were printed over the christmas period, even when the offices were un-manned.
  • The models were successfully delivered to Equinox before the 10 day deadline.