Carbon Art

KWSP was approached by former chief Honda F1 mechanic and renowned carbon fibre artist Alistair Gibson to provide consultancy and additive manufacturing of key pieces of his bespoke artwork


The Challenge

  • Define the most appropriate manufacturing process for low-volume, complex shapes
  • Manufacture intricate, accurate components

The Requirements

  • Due to low volume manufacturing requirements, tooling costs needed to be kept as low as possible
  • Existing CAD data or even hand-drawn sketches then needed to be translated in to production ready 3D models

The Approach

  • Hand-drawn sketches were used to develop a 3D model in CAD, and then translated to an STL file ready for manufacture
  • Functional thermoplastic parts were then created using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  • Finally, KWSP used its in-house post-processing skills to finish parts to the artist’s quality standards

The Results

  • Allowed the artist to run multiple complex projects concurrently
  • Enabled digital archiving of parts for replica pieces and miniature & large-scale reproductions
  • Provided low-risk, low-cost prototyping of models and tooling


“I can take my ideas to the team at KWSP and be given in depth consultation on how to best produce the parts I need”

Alistair Gibson, Carbon Art