1929 Buick 25X Tourer

KW Heritage were approached by Rally Preparation Services (RPS) to scan and engineer a Clutch Plate from a 1929 Buick 25X Tourer.


The Challenge

  • Tight timescales for replacement parts, combined with a 4 week supply lead time, led RPS to approach KWHE for an alternative supply.
  • To use worn samples as the basis for reverse engineering.
  • To manage the scanning, engineering, procurement and supply processes on behalf of RPS.

The Requirements

  • To supply replacement Clutch Plates within a two week lead time.
  • Scan sample worn items and manipulate scan data to produce an “as new” design using the mating Hub as a guide.
  • CAD engineer the data and supply digital files.

The Approach

  • The sample used Clutch Plate was scanned, as was the mating Hub in an unworn region.
  • Scan data was optimised in Solidworks CAD and a 3D print made for checking purposes, prior to committing to manufacture.

The Results

  • The scan and model data will be stored on KWHE’s server with copies being given to RPS as the owners of the IP
  • Minimal investment in engineering time, coupled with the versatility and speed of 3D printing as a verification tool, has dramatically shortened supply lead time and enabled RPS to be in better control of supply and stock.


For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWHE website.