Braille Printer

KWSP is part of a collaborative consortium, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 initiative, developing a desktop digital printer for Braille.


The Challenge

  • A bespoke system integrating a new print-head technology for an unproven consumer application.
  • The project required cross border collaboration across the EU.
  • The design required complex system integration including mechanical, electrical and controls & automation.
  • The nature of the product provided significant miniaturisation & packaging challenges.

The Requirements

  • Aesthetics: The system needs to be something that users would want in their homes.
  • Reliability: As a consumer product without a readily available support team, the system needs to be reliable.
  • Usability: The user controls and interface needs to be simple and intuitive.

The Approach

  • Mechanical machine design and controls & automation systems were developed by KWSP.
  • This was done whilst liaising with the print-head developer in Hungary.
  • Additive manufacturing (‘3D Printing’) was used to conduct rapid prototyping of components as well as for the end-use parts within the prototype.

The Results

  • Design, development and delivery of a fully functional prototype within 6 months.

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