Bentley T Type Single Seater Wheels

As a regular customer, Classic Performance Engineering knows where to come for their remanufacturing solutions – KW Heritage offer a one stop shop solution for such a busy company.  So when one of their prized possessions required two new sets of replacement wheels, KWH were entrusted with the work.

The challenge

  • To provide a solution considering the low volume requirements and minimal ongoing demand, working to a budget.
  • Whilst complete authenticity in terms of material and manufacturing method wasn’t paramount, retention of the style and proportions of the original wheels was vital.


The approach

  • Compile a simple pictorial document using sample original wheels, showing key dimensions, material and weights, in order to secure estimated costs.
  • Research and appoint a reputable wheel manufacturer.
  • Scan the sample wheels to provide a digital archive.


The results

  • Employ tried and trusted 3 piece Wheel technology as a cost effective solution, using a bespoke, authentic looking centre piece and standard Inner and Outer Rims.
  • This method has the added benefit of ease of repair by swapping out one or more components of the Wheel if required.


For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWHE website.