Bentley Supercharger

Classic Performance Engineering, based at Bicester Heritage and a returning customer for KWH, required replacement Cush Drive segments for the drive system of a Bentley Supercharger.  They submitted the used, mating Supercharger Couplings around which to design a solution, and left KWH to manage the project through to completion.


The Challenge

  • Provide replacement parts in a compliant material, considering exposure to heat and lubricants.
  • Research the required hardness of material.
  • Manage the project from initial request through to delivery.

The Approach

  • Procure similar items from the drive system of a motorbike as a hardness reference.
  • Compare the hardness of the samples with a Shore A Hardness Gauge and confer with the customer.
  • Scan the original Couplings and design replacement Cush Drive segments.
  • 3D Print samples and submit to the customer for fit and function sign off.
  • Complete final manufacturing and assembly of components.

The Results

  • Considered manufacturing methods were Injection Moulding using low volume silicone tools and Water Cutting from flat sheet.
  • Water Cutting was selected as the manufacturing method on grounds of cost and the ease and efficiency with which changes could be made to the design if required, with no impact on tooling.
  • Coloured material was chosen so that contact witness marks could be easily seen.
  • With a good fit achieved at the first attempt, the customer was supplied with a batch of ready to use items.


“Re-manufacturing removes the tedium of trawling the internet for replacements, frees the customer up to focus on their business and results in IP owned by the customer for their potential future benefit”

Edward Smith – Head of Heritage Engineering, KW Heritage


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