Austin Healey 100

AH Spares in Warwickshire, UK ( are the original and largest supplier and manufacturer of Austin Healey parts in the world, that standing strengthened by the passing of ownership through one family.  KW Heritage (KWH) introducing themselves coincided with a shortage of several items, notably Windscreen Stanchions for the Healey 100 models – the type that allows the windscreen to be reclined for that extra wind in the hair (or should that be “heir” ?!) thrill!


The Challenge

  • Use existing stock and mating parts to reverse engineer a solution.
  • Consider the customer’s target costs and estimated demand now and going forward.
  • Provide transparency on the manufacturing process with the customer at all times.

The Approach

  • KWH conducted detailed research and costings for casting approaches using both traditional tooling or contemporary 3D printed tooling.
  • 3D scanning was conducted to capture original components and mating parts before transferring to CAD for re-engineering.
  • Low volume samples were delivered to the customer to gain sign-off prior to committing to volume manufacture.
  • A collaborative approach allowed KWH to provide machined items ready for plating by the customer.
  • KWH project managed the delivery from end-to-end.

The Results

  • Contemporary 3D scanning and CAD disciplines paved the way for the use of traditional pattern work and casting methods (with this route further confirmed by predicted future demand).
  • Items were re-manufactured using the original material, maintaining authenticity of the components.
  • Scan data allowed for re-manufactured parts to be compared to CAD as an inspection tool.


For more information on KW’s range of Heritage Engineering services, visit the KWH website.