Arrows A3 Pinion Housing

Who wouldn’t you want to get involved with re-manufacturing parts for a car from such an iconic era of Formula 1 ?  GP Extreme, based in Dubai, run one of these cars amongst their varied collection.  They approached KW Heritage for the re-manufacture of Steering Pinion Housings, with contemporary 5-axis aluminium milling technology replacing the original cast method of manufacture.  Using a worn item and a box of bits as a baseline, our engineers scanned as required and modelled the captured data in Solidworks CAD.  With the freedom to incorporate subtle improvements, and having researched Limit and Fit tolerances for the Bearings and Seals, they completed the detail drawing ready for manufacture.  KWH then managed the manufacture of two examples, inspected the finished items and despatched to the customer.  The new Housings were reassembled with original mating parts, resulting in a swift and economic solution.


The Challenge

  • Work from sketches and used parts from the original assembly.
  • Research Limit and Fit tolerances for the original Bearings and Seals, which were to be retained.
  • Provide a cost effective solution using contemporary manufacturing methods.

The Approach

  • KWH engineers scanned the donor assembly.
  • The scan data, together with physical measurements, was used to create a model and detail drawing in CAD.
  • KWH managed the manufacturing process including detailed inspection by comparing to CAD data.
  • KWH Technicians built up an assembly and checked fit and function prior to dispatch to the customer.

The Results

  • Contemporary 5-axis milling from billet aluminium enables an item that 40 years ago could only be cast, to be efficiently remanufactured, even in low volume.
  • The associated choice of a contemporary alloy, superior in Yield Strength and Fatigue life, provided a further “free” gain.
  • The digital approach to design and manufacturing practiced by KWH perfectly complemented the low volume and economical recreation of these items.


“We have access to the full range of traditional and contemporary manufacturing processes, including on site 3D printing, whose capabilities are often well suited to low volume manufacture”

Edward Smith – Head of Heritage Engineering, KW Heritage


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