Matt – Project Engineer

Role: Project Engineer

Joining date: September 2016

Life before KWSP: 

I graduated university in 2008 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined Force India F1 team as a Design Engineer. This role led me to become involved in powertrains and specifically engine systems. In 2011 I joined Mercedes as a Mechanical Engineer working on the design and development of turbocharged petrol / electric hybrid powertrains for Formula 1 racing. I had a brief spell working as a Development Engineer with Bentley Motors before joining KW Special Projects in 2016.

What made you join?

The opportunity to work on performance / elite sports projects. The opportunities to work in an engineering capacity within elite sport are relatively few and therefore I saw KWSP as a great opportunity to get involved.

What’s your average day like? 

A normal day is a mixture of engineering activities and programme management. The business relies on the successful delivery individual projects and therefore, a good deal of my time is dedicated simply to understanding customer aims and creating plans to achieve them. The remainder of my time is spent on the process of engineering design and development as well as the occasional pieces of supply chain management.

Life outside of KWSP 

I like to get outdoors with friends and family. I’m normally cycling, camping or walking somewhere on a weekend. Recently I have taken up mountain bike racing which is great for keeping me motivated to stay fit.

Highlights of my career so far

If I were to pick one highlight it would be the 2009 Formula 1 season.  Apart from being a successful and exciting year of racing, it was my first year working as a Design Engineer after graduating university. It was a surreal experience watching TV knowing there were parts on the starting grid for which I had designed. I remember a good deal of nervousness and pride in equal measure!

One word that would describe working at KWSP…