Sauber C30 F1 car

As a way of replicating an actual functional item for the purposes of making an aesthetic version, 3D Printing is hard to beat for it’s shape and dimensional accuracy, as well as it’s speed of turnaround.  For these reasons, Tour de Force Power Engineering (TdF) returned to KW Heritage (KWH) for the manufacture of a replica Halo for fitting to a Sauber C30 F1 car.  The car is prepared and maintained by TdF and used for promotional events and demonstration runs on behalf of Formula One Management (FOM).  It needed to be upgraded in appearance to reflect this latest safety device employed originally by F1 and now adopted by lesser formulae.  The Halo wouldn’t perform as a structural device for driver protection, but needed to be sufficiently robust to react loads imparted by a driver entering and exiting the car.  The car also starred in the latest Chemical Brothers video (link below), although the driver must be barking mad!

The challenge

  • Adapt an existing Halo design so that it’s mounting faces conformed to the shape of the Sauber chassis.
  • Ensure accurate height positioning for optimal driver visibility.
  • Print in a material that could be wrapped in carbon-fibre and cured, resulting in a sufficiently structural assembly.

The approach

  • Scan the Sauber chassis locally at TdF’s premises.
  • Consult FIA regulations so that the existing Halo could be correctly positioned relative to the driver’s helmet.
  • Assemble the model for the existing Halo and the Sauber scan data in Solidworks CAD
  • Modify the existing Halo to conform to the Sauber chassis shape.

The results

  • The Halo was printed in ABS in 7 separate pieces, each piece incorporating a unique joint design that would ensure dimensional accuracy once bonded together.
  • Halo supplied to TdF for carbon wrapping and attachment to the car.



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