We use modern engineering alongside traditional craftsmanship to support heritage vehicle owners with:


Restoring vehicles to their former glory


Building in modern day performance


Re-engineering and re-manufacture

Digital Archiving

Digital capture of historic design

Some examples of our work

Our end-to-end delivery capabilities

Scanning: Digital capture of vehicle and component geometries

STL Manipulation: Optimising scanned data for manufacturing

Digital Archiving: Storing a ‘digital asset’ of components for future requirements

Computer Aided Design: Digital creation, modification and analysis of design

Finite Element Analysis: Modelling of real world forces such as heat, fluid flow and vibration

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Digital modelling of vehicle’s aerodynamics

Additive Manufacturing (‘3D Printing’): Cost effective low-volume manufacture

Composites: Light weighting using modern motorsport materials

Machining & Casting: Traditional ‘subtractive’ and molding methods

Fabrication: Cutting, bending & assembling

Production & Stock Control: End-to-end management from purchasing to delivery

Technical Assembly: In-house assembly by motorsport technicians

Inspection: Quality assurance of components and final assemblies using digital and traditional techniques

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