Horizontal innovation on show at Advanced Engineering

From the development of a new electrode deposition technology for lithium-ion batteries, to the creation of affordable Braille printers and lightweight chassis structures, visitors to this year’s Advanced Engineering exhibition will be shown how horizontal innovation is driving the future of engineering. During the show, which takes place at the NEC Birmingham between 31 October and 1 November 2018, high-performance engineering provider KWSP will be showcasing some of its first-of-kind projects on stand G20. All of which were developed by transferring technology from one sector to another.

KWSP’s specialist engineers will be providing updates on a range of its products and services such as a lithium-ion spraycoat battery development project that is digitising the electrode deposition process. Co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK, the project is part of the Faraday Challenge and sees KWSP working with WMG, at the University of Warwick, to create a hardware platform that will digitally print electrodes more accurately, using suitable material formulations and at greater speeds. This will enable the development of more advanced and cost-effective production techniques, bringing battery manufacture increasingly in line with digital industry advances. If successful, it could enable the UK to sit at the vanguard of the global electric vehicle battery revolution, competing with China and other nations.

The KWSP stand will also demonstrate the company’s award-winning digital Braille printer, The multifunctional printing device, backed by EU research programme Horizon 2020 SME Instrument and a European Consortium, allows blind and hard-of-sight people to access content at an affordable price in the home. It has been designed with a unique powder deposition system, dispersing a controlled amount of fused powder onto a surface in a range of sizes and quantities to enable operators to quickly and easily print Braille and Moon alphabet.

In addition, KWSP will be showcasing its work in automotive and performance sports. In addition to displaying its ToPCaT thermoplastic composite chassis platform which has recently been adopted by fast-growing disruptive OEM in Sweden, KWSP will also be showing the work that went into the UK’s first cycling specific wind tunnel installed at Chris Boardman’s Performance Centre in Evesham. The project saw KWSP design and manufacture a wind tunnel specifically for use for performance sports, taking the techniques used by motorsport industries and adapting them for the needs of cyclists.

Kieron Salter, managing director of KWSP, said: “Having grown out of the UK’s vibrant motorsport industry, KWSP brings innovation, creativity and dynamism to all of its projects. Utilising a wide range of proven and emerging technologies – such as additive manufacturing, new materials development, light-weighting, PC-based controls and even virtual reality, we are continually driving innovation across multiple markets. At Advanced Engineering, we are looking forward to showing visitors some of the cutting-edge projects that have benefitted from our philosophy of horizontal innovation.”

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