English Institute of Sport appoints KWSP to support medal winning success

High performance engineering specialist, KW Special Projects (KWSP), has agreed a contract to work with the English Institute of Sport (EIS).

The deal will see KWSP use its experience and technological expertise, which has been honed through its work with the motorsport industry, at Le Mans and other race series, to further engineer athletes’ equipment in preparation for medal winning performances at international competition.

KWSP will work alongside the EIS’s Research and Innovation team, utilising its wide range of technologies, including its in-house additive manufacturing and digital fabrication expertise and its experience in composites and lightweight structures to improve the performance of the athletes’ equipment.

EIS head of research and innovation, Peter Bentley, commented: “Marginal gains are fundamental to success in Olympic and Paralympic sport. I am thrilled that KWSP will be working under the guidance of the EIS’ team to bring performance improvements by transferring technology and knowledge honed in other sectors.”

Kieron Salter, managing director of KWSP added: “KWSP has been privileged to work with some of the top names in motorsport and we are delighted to share our expertise with the EIS. This is an extremely exciting project for us to be involved with and we’re looking forward to getting started on helping our elite athletes aiming for medal winning success.”

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