Technical Capabilities

We have end-to-end technical capabilities from consultation through to after-sales support.


In-depth advisory & consultancy.

KWSP offers organisations early stage support in the form of consultancy and advisory. Due to the diverse nature of KWSP’s capabilities, this can range from strategic consultancy on the latest trends in digital manufacturing to technical consultancy and feasibility assessments.


Proof of concept to final product.

KWSP has a wide range of technical design capabilities including Computer Aided Design, Aerodynamics & CFD, Finite Element Analysis, Software, Automation & Control Systems and Simulation.

Manufacture & Assemble

Full system integration.

KWSP is able to deliver fully assembled solutions. Through both our in-house capabilities and our wide supplier network, our projects are delivered using Additive Manufacturing (‘3D Printing’), Composites, CNC Machining, Metal Fabrication, Lightweight Structures and Electrical Panels.


Performance and reliability testing.

KWSP recognises that performance is critical. We have significant experience of testing and validation using a variety of methods including including static & dynamic, endurance, windtunnels, electrical, crash & impact and in-field.


After-sales support and training.

KWSP prides itself of supporting its clients throughout the project life-cycle, so offers a range of after-sales services including training, continuous improvements & updates, site and factory acceptance testing and certification & traceability.