Case Studies

Just a small selection of our work.

Porsche Ducktail

Scanning, re-engineering and CAD design of a Porsche Ducktail engine cover.

Digitising the Medical Devices Industry

Machine design, build and integration for a medical device application

Competition cycling

Aerodynamic design and prototyping for a leading bicycle manufacture.

Nasamax Starter Ring Gear

Re-engineering and re-manufacture of a replacement Starter Ring Gear for the classic Nasamax LMP car.

The KWSP Pilot Line

Automated digital manufacturing platform for production line integration

March 09R

Recreation of a classic.

Martin Stretton Racing

Bringing a motorsport legend back to life.

Soluble tooling solutions

Soluble composite component tooling for a leading Formula 1 team

Mk1 Ford Cortina

Re-engineer and re-manufacture of MK1 Cortina steering arms for Alan Henderson Racing.

Show, Concept & Demonstration Vehicles

Bespoke design, manufacture and installation of demonstration vehicles for a leading OEM.

Digitising Industrial Inkjet

Digital industrial inkjet machine for large-scale decorative printing

Sports Wind Tunnel

Design, development and build of a wind tunnel tailored for the needs of performance sports.

1929 Buick 25X Tourer

Re-manufacture of clutch plates for a rare 1929 Buick.

Arrows A3 Pinion Housing

Re-manufacture of Steering Pinion Housings for an F1 classic.

Equinox Projects

Rapid response 3D printing for the entertainment industry.

Braille Printer

Design, development and manufacture of a prototype digital braille printer.

Carbon Art

Additive manufacturing for carbon artist, Alistair Gibson

The KWSP LabPrinter

Low-cost testing platform for digital manufacturing

ToPCaT: ThermoPlastic Carbon Tub

A flexible, cost-effective and scalable process for carbon fibre chassis manufacture.

Strakka Racing

Complete door assembly design & manufacture for Strakka Racing

Jaguar D-Type

Digital archiving of a rare racing classic.

Amilcar C6

Re-engineering for a 1920’s classic

Nasamax LMP

Design, engineering and delivery of engine mounting changes to the classic Nasamax LMP car.

Professional speed skating

Simulation and performance analysis for a professional ice-skating team.

Bentley Supercharger

Re-manufacture of key components for a rare classic Bentley.

Re-Engineering of Combustion Chambers

Re-engineering the form of combustion chambers for SGS Racing Transmissions.

Jabrock Eyewear

Product prototyping for the world’s strongest wooden sunglasses.

Triumph TR5 Special

Reverse-engineering and re-manufacture of screen pillar for a Triumph TR5 Special